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RE: Ace, A new skin is born - Wanilton - 16/03/2013

Skin Ace is available now via the official XBMC Frodo repository. Please for more details, check this thread about public release.

RE: Ace, A new skin is born - Wanilton - 20/04/2013

Ace 1.5.0 available - 04/20/2013


Added: Transparency selector for styles.
Added: Option to invert main menu colors, improved for use in dark styles.
Added: Support to icon genre and fanart genre. Video and Music.
Added: Fanart fallback in Music Visualization for Artists without picture in SlideShow mode.
Added: Views Selector, to disable views not used. Video and Music.
Added: CoverFlow Music - Album name and Song name.
Added: ExtraFanart for Music on Main Menu for Artists without picture in SlideShow.
Added: Artist Clearlogo for Music on Main Menu.
Added: Option to hide Next Tracks on main menu.
Added: New German MPAA flags.
Improved: Preview on styles selector.
Fixed: Weather background based on present conditions and MyTheme.
Fixed: Pause screen - Overlapping in some conditions.
Fixed: Missing Movie Title on top screen in some conditions.
Fixed: Navigation error on Smart Shortcuts.
Fixed: View LandScapeX - Watched icon.
Fixed: Hibernate submenu can't be deactivated. (thanks to Poulpe_38)
Fixed: PVR - TV Logo aspect ratio.
Fixed: PVR - Timer overlayed the channel list.
Fixed: Minor layout details.

RE: Ace, A new skin is born - Elias Alves - 21/05/2013

I have tried to change music view, but the buttons are not highlighted. Is it a future improvement or just a bug?

Ubuntu 13.04, unity ,samsung NP530U3C,XBMC frodo 12.2, latest ace skin.

RE: Ace, A new skin is born - Wanilton - 21/05/2013

Elias, as vistas de músicas só funcionam no modo coleção, em modo arquivos elas estão travadas por padrão, você precisa adicionar se músicas ao banco de dados do XBMC, para que possa acessar as demais vistas. Veja em tutoriais, como organizar arquivos de músicas, lá tem as explicações básicas de funcionamento.

RE: Ace, A new skin is born - Elias Alves - 21/05/2013

Valeu Wanilton ! É que na Aeon MQ4 acho que não tinha esse detalhe ! A Ace eu comecei a usar esta semana !!

RE: Ace, A new skin is born - Wanilton - 06/07/2013

Ace 1.7.0 available now via XBMC repo


Added: RCB - Support for videos in view Wide.
Fixed: Main Menu Customization - Smart submenu is overlapping on the main menu.
Fixed: Typo in Variables - (thanks to denywinarto)
Fixed: View Multiplex/TV Shows - Word 'minutes' in info panel.
Fixed: View Multiplex/Seasons - Studios information appears two times.