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[RELEASE] Ace - MarcosQui - 16/03/2013

RE: [RELEASE] Ace - Wanilton - 20/04/2013

Ace 1.5.0 available - 04/20/2013


Added: Transparency selector for styles.
Added: Option to invert main menu colors, improved for use in dark styles.
Added: Support to icon genre and fanart genre. Video and Music.
Added: Fanart fallback in Music Visualization for Artists without picture in SlideShow mode.
Added: Views Selector, to disable views not used. Video and Music.
Added: CoverFlow Music - Album name and Song name.
Added: ExtraFanart for Music on Main Menu for Artists without picture in SlideShow.
Added: Artist Clearlogo for Music on Main Menu.
Added: Option to hide Next Tracks on main menu.
Added: New German MPAA flags.
Improved: Preview on styles selector.
Fixed: Weather background based on present conditions and MyTheme.
Fixed: Pause screen - Overlapping in some conditions.
Fixed: Missing Movie Title on top screen in some conditions.
Fixed: Navigation error on Smart Shortcuts.
Fixed: View LandScapeX - Watched icon.
Fixed: Hibernate submenu can't be deactivated. (thanks to Poulpe_38)
Fixed: PVR - TV Logo aspect ratio.
Fixed: PVR - Timer overlayed the channel list.
Fixed: Minor layout details.

RE: [RELEASE] Ace - Wanilton - 06/07/2013

Ace 1.7.0 available now via XBMC repo


Added: RCB - Support for videos in view Wide.
Fixed: Main Menu Customization - Smart submenu is overlapping on the main menu.
Fixed: Typo in Variables - (thanks to denywinarto)
Fixed: View Multiplex/TV Shows - Word 'minutes' in info panel.
Fixed: View Multiplex/Seasons - Studios information appears two times.

Re: [release] Ace - Wanilton - 19/09/2013

Ace 1.8.0 available - 9/18/2013


Added: New PVR - Many improvements over old version.
Added: Wall view - option to set grid between sizes default, mid and big.
Added: RCB - Panel view.
Added: RCB - Wall view and option to set grid between sizes default, mid and big.
Added: Gotham version/video osd - button to access subtitle delay.
Added: Gotham version/video osd - button to access 3D mode.
Added: TvTunes script - Support for Movie themes.
Fixed: Library status inside collections for video playlists.

RE: [RELEASE] Ace - Wanilton - 05/10/2013

Ace 1.9.0 available in official repo - 10/5/2013


Added: Live TV/submenu - for facilitate access to PVR functions.
Added: Widgets 'In Progress' for Video Playlists.
Added: PVR EPG - Bottom Bar/Time and Date.
Added: Support to trakt script - button in Context Menu to access trakt options.
Added: TvTunes script - Button in Video Info to get Movie Themes and Tv Show Themes/solo mode.
Changed: Gotham version/button 3D mode now is visible for non-3D content.
Changed: TvTunes - is activated by default.
Changed: TvTunes - removed the button for get themes within the collection.
Fixed: Typo in Variables/Music Genres Fanart. (thanks to Cocotus)
Fixed: PVR - Overlapping between Channel Manager and Channel Settings window.
Fixed: Status Widget - Text size to accommodate large titles.
Fixed: Layout details in Top Menu/Wide view.
Fixed: Media case 3D - displayed to non-3d content (like AC3D)
Fixed: Low List view - Layout details.

RE: [RELEASE] Ace - Wanilton - 29/11/2013

New release Ace available in official repo, version 2.0.0

Added: Sets View - Available for movies.
Added: Cyrillic fonts.
Added: Support to Tv Tunes script version 4.
Added: Auto instalation for Cinema Experience script.
Added: Widgets popup (play movie) - Option to play by Cinema Experience.
Added: TvShow Poster in Pause Screen.
Changed: Variables to UK flags - To improve compatibility.
Fixed: Cinema Experience/Video Info - Command to run the addon.
Fixed: Gotham Version - Compatible to latest changes in XBMC Alpha.

RE: [RELEASE] Ace - Wanilton - 01/12/2013

BUILD 2.0.1 - RELEASE DATE 11/30/2013

Fixed: Missing Mpaa Rating flags.