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Software tinyMediaManager
Sinal Aviso 
tinymediamanager, é uma ferramanta de coleta de dados e imagens escrita em Java/Swing, para uso no XBMC e Media Portal.

[Imagem: tiny.png]

Funciona nas plataformas, mac, linux e windows.

Website: http://www.tinymediamanager.org/

Tópico oficial no fórum XBMC.org: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=142723

Links para download:

change log:

Version 2.6
! D O N A T O R V E R S I O N !
! !
! Our donators are now able to register their tinyMediaManager copies !
! to unlock special features as a "Thank you" for their support. !
! http://goo.gl/L8G5BB !

! trailer downloading (donator feature) (http://goo.gl/hozk18)
! Trakt.tv integration (donator feature) (http://goo.gl/WNEzsG)
! Movie renamer preview (donator feature) (http://goo.gl/PS50MF)
! automatically add existing movies to movie sets (donator feature)
+ bigger UI rework (http://goo.gl/3wy3gL)
+ configurable font and font size
+ preserve unsupported XML tags (from other tools) in NFO files
+ extra artwork (banner, CD art, clearart, ..) is now available for movies and movie sets
+ new threading model: you can now queue different tasks; display open tasks (http://goo.gl/yFGtPq)
+ preview of images in the image chooser (http://goo.gl/kIFaKJ)
+ smart scrape: if there is no result from automatic scrape a manual scrape will pop up
+ NFO enhancement: multiple IDs (from several meta data providers) will be stored
+ option to set the preferred media player
+ able to play trailers
+ trailer preferences (which one to automatic choose for NFO)
+ delete works now with deleting physical files (moving to backup folder)
+ ignore some Mac specific files on searching hdd/network shares
+ language updates
+ hotkeys for menu and other functions
+ improved season and episodes parser
+ several enhancements to the TV show renamer
+ show artwork from the media file panel in lightbox
+ export for TV shows basically done
+ more filter options for TV shows
+ media source management (http://goo.gl/cE62xb)
x fix occasional database inconsistencies
x fix TvShow rename in command line
x fix an occasional crash when choosing artwork
x empty url cache from broken/unreadable HTTP responses
x better integration of the year to the result score calculation
x filter duplicate results from ofdb
x prevent audio streams from being added multiple times
x detect stacking markers with leading zeros
x import of watched state from XBMC NFO
x thousands of various fixes and stabilization from past half year :)

29.03.2014 – version 2.5.5

x enhanced writing of certification to the XBMC NFO
x fixed media info loading problems for some users (JNA update to 4.1)
x fixed a bug where an invalid config.xml prevented tmm from starting
x fixed a bug when building the TV show tree
x fixed a bug where some settings got lost when updating
x fixed writing of the watched flag to the XBMC TV show episode NFO

04.03.2014 – version 2.5.4
There was a nasty bug in an external library with version 2.5.3 which caused our internal database to become corrupted. We’ve added some recovery functions, but there could be data which is lost. You can either
A) take a backup file from the backup folder inside tmm (the last one before 19.02.2014)
B) start over with a new database by deleting the old one (menu Tools -> initialize database and rescan/update all your data sources.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by this bug!

x improved the TVDB scraper: the scraper provides better results and is not searchable with the TVDB id
x fixed correct loading of swt.jar on all platforms
x added slovenian language for the scrapers
x fixed display of trailers in the table (in conjunction with a downloaded trailer)
x fixed resizing behavior of the movie chooser dialog (buttons disappeared)
x fixed a crash when writing NFOs
x fixed a crash when canceling the movie chooser
x compress database backups (to save space)
x ignore more special files for Mac OSX (beginning with ._)
x tweaked our HTTP interface to provide better results for slow connections
x removed episodes now also disappear from the season list
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Quando estiver no PC vou testar ....

Enviado de meu GT-I9070 usando Tapatalk
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Obrigado pela dica.

Eu estava utilizando o (ember) e não esta gostando muito dos resultados e com esse programa eu estou conseguindo organizar meus filmes e series.

Galera... estou testando esta nova opção e tem mostrado ótimos resultados.... apenas um senão até agora... Especiais de algumas séries não consegui que ele identifique, agora estou utilizando ele juntamente com o Ember ( que ainda considero o melhor).

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