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Problem with all Kodi add ons
Hey guys. So i set up an amazon fire stick for the first time using Kodi and then Misfit mod lite. I didn't run into any problems setting it up, but I'm having problems with the addons. When i first go to Kodi, and it automatically starts up Misfit mods, everything is fine. Movies and tv shows pop up with almost no delay. MOST of them seem to stream just fine as well (although some are extremely choppy like a slide show, although they buffer just fine).My main problem is stemming from any of the add ons that come with misfit mods lite, and possibly all addons in general. When I click on, let's say, Munch Movies or Crackle Movies, it shows a loading symbol and says please wait for almost a minute! Then, once I'm in that mod's list of content, let's say I click on "New Movies" or something. The please wait and loading symbol comes up again and this time can last up to THREE minutes!It seems the deeper I go into the menus of any addon, the longer the loading of the menus seems to be. At first I thought it was because I was on Wifi, but then I switched over to a wired ethernet cable with an adapter for the fire stick, and it still acts this way. I did a speed test on the fire stick and i got around 11 Mb/s, so I know it's not a connection issue.I even tried installing Kodi version 18 and making sure Misfit mods was at the current version, yet nothing changed.Has anyone seMinecraft Pocket Edition Counter-Strike Google Play Services

en anything like this before? I'm somewhat new to this scene so I'm not sure where to even start.

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